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2020/21 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Travel, Education & Cultures has taken a step back from promoting any form of travel during this time. Italy and Italians have greatly suffered during this crisis. While we are quietly optimistic for better times in the near future, we are not actively promoting any major event at the moment. Nevertheless, we have been quietly planning new and exciting activities for a suitable time when we will able to recommence offering safe tours and events.

2019 marks a new chapter in the life of TEC – formally TEC stood for Turin Educational Consortium. However, since our launch in 2011 our offerings have changed to reflect our clients.
While we are still very focused upon delivering exceptionally high-quality educational experiences we have broadened our horizons beyond Torino (Turin) to take in not only other areas of Piemonte but also other areas of Italy.
We have found ourselves in a unique position of being able to deliver bespoke tours, art courses, and educational programmes no longer exclusively offered to other educational establishments but also to a wider discerning audience of cultural travellers.

We are still in the process of forming our new site and refining the offerings we have here. While we do this, we will continue to refer back to our old site turineducational.org

Examples of previous Events

As mentioned above, due to COVID pandemic TrEduC is not actively promoting any of our own Events. We feel that it is important to ensure both the safety of our Guests and the safety of our host country. As soon as we are able to achieve this level of confidence we will once again be bringing you some of the most unique and exiting Travel, Education and Cultural experiences that you can find. Until then, please feel free to explore some of our recent past events and tours that we’ve hosted.


Travel Education and Cultures is pleased to offer a range of tours that cover many aspects of Italian culture. We also offer uniquely crafted bespoke tours that meet the needs and requirements for your group. All our tours endeavour to help our guests gain new insight and explore hidden treasures throughout Italy.

Food and Wine

Our Food and Wine tours are very popular and mix traditional techniques with modern interpretations. Italy is a rich tapestry of cuisines that has grown up around local communities over many hundreds of years, this has lead to wide and varied offerings as you pass both up and down and from left to right across Italy. 
Our tours focus on this idea of “from the land and sea to the plate or glass”. We offer our guests truly memorable travel and educational experiences with local professionals. You will gain first hand experience in to the local cultural customs of the areas we visit and see how these are defined by what is grown and found locally. 

Italy is not only famous for its magnificent food heritage, but also for our love and passion for the Arts in all there glorious and many forms. TEC is pleased to provide access to some of the greatest hidden treasure that Italy has to offer, some of which are rarely accessible by the public.
We have access to some wonderful private collections, that range from contemporary art to some very well hidden gems of ancient manuscripts. Over the years we’ve built up some very special relationships with the custodians of these collections and are privileged to be able to share them with our discerning tour groups.

The Bespoke Tours

With our growing offering, we can prepare unique and personalised programmes that meet the needs of groups of fellow travellers. We are able to tell a complete story of a local area through its people and their relationship with their local environment and their treasured possessions. 

From our Atelier

TEC is pleased to present out 2019 line up of Atelier courses.
We have worked hard to bring you world class tutors who are working at the forefront of their own fields. 
This years line-up takes us from Watercolour painting via a celebration of the world of Leonardo Da Vinci,
through to the traditional arts of bookbinding and Decorative papermaking,
and finishing our summer programme with Fresco Painting.

Title: Watercolour painting from the Traditional to Modern
Date: 15th – 20th April 2019
Tutor: Rocio Aguilar-Nuevo
Location: Torino, Italy

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International Calligraphy Course
Title: “Leonardo for Our Times”
Date: 23rd – 26th May 2019
Tutor: Massimo Polello
Location: Torino, Italy

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Title: Learn to paint frescos 
22nd – 28th June 2019
Tutor: Antonio Rava
Location: Torino, Italy

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Title: Bookbinding & Decorative Paper
 29th June – 6th July 2019
Tutor: Paola Fagnola
Location: Torino, Italy

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Schools and Universities

At Travel, Education and Cultures we are keen to share the hidden secrets of Italy and the genii of the Italian people. We believe that in the 21st century it is easy to lose sight of the real world around us, no screen can substitute of first-hand experience and learning should be through as an immersive and fulfilling experience as possible.
To help our schools and universities groups achieve this we work closely with some very special partners and can offer competitive rates. We are able to facilitate a range of different activities to suit the requirements group.
Some examples of past groups that we have hosted:

  • Language acquisition and cultural exploration
  • Art History and mastering fresco techniques
  • The big business of the Italian brands
  • Human Geography – settlements and developments
We are able to tailor make your class trip so that it becomes a great memorable experience and a hook upon which to help empower your students learning for the key concepts of your course.